le morning exercise story

29 Mar

I am beginning to take pleasure in tearing the absolute crap out of my muscles, so I have been doing exercise.

Le me lying on my mat and getting started with routine. No it isn’t really me.

It is for demonstration purposes only. I found it on Google, you can come at me if this is your picture, bro. Then I will credit you/make a stick figure drawing/get sued, but until then..

Do deep breathing and focus on le beginning..

And I open my eyes to see this:

Even my dog is trolling me.


Darth Derp

29 Mar

The other day, I got a new nickname.

I wanted to make a meme out of it but was way too out of it to open Photoshop, and my scumbag friends all don’t have PS or don’t know how to use it. Or, there are ones who can but I don’t know why I didn’t ask them. I don’t know why, stop asking questions.

Today, my bitch of a body woke up at 7.30am. Now only me and my dog are awake, so I felt like it is time to make this stupid meme ALL ON MY LONESOME, and I present to you my new nickname:

Yes. I put a ‘watermark’ ^_^ it is like a cat making their scratch marks. Also, a dog marking it’s territory. At least I didn’t piss all over my screen, just sayin’…

Now I can use Jedi forces, have a red lightsaber, have lots of Stormtroopers for servants, creep people out with my breathing, and I am Luke’s mother. Where the fuck is my son? He needs to do his homework; standard Asian operation procedure. I know I die at the end but it’s okay.

Everybody dies.. 🙂

I am a grammar Nazi.

28 Mar

The other day, in a state of being.. influenced, if you know what I mean, I still managed to be a grammar Nazi.

I was able to edit someone’s work and correct the English.

I managed to speak and type some perfect Russian in perfect grammar (da fuq?)

I managed to type in French… The last time I learned any French was approximately 6 years ago for just a term.

I am such a grammar Nazi…

…That I’ll gas myself >__>

hello world….. damn it.

28 Mar

Today, I decided to make a blog to put all the random ideas going through my head in one place. I think I spent way more time thinking of a blog name that I simply gave up and punched in ‘ihatemakingblogs’… :O it wasn’t taken!!!! LET’S USE IT.

This is me at a computer, except I am a girl. Imagine the comic guy with longer hair. Please.

You know, I think I could really make a better comic drawing my own but my tablet died. RIP. Mostly it is because I don’t have enough attention span to … What was I saying, sorry?

So for now I will express myself with the rage comic pictures.. Deal with it 😀

First things first, I need to connect with my non-existent audience and introduce myself. My name is Stephanie, and I am usually 75% Good Guy Greg.

Now he is a girl!

The rest of the time-

When I am being brutally honest or when I go out and harmlessly troll people, I am like:


My dad imparted pretty good (scumbag-like) driving skills to me, we have such good coordination that we beat the traffic light at the same time today. Win! Brofist with my dad.

Sometimes, this is me 🙂

Other times I am the epic Asian who owns people at …stuff.

And some days, I am Insanity Wolf

I’m also a bit of a Derpette

But all those recognisable pictures aside, I am me 🙂